“STORIES” is my debut album. It is compiled of pieces I wrote over a period of two years, representing different beats and people of my life.

“Prelude”, “Interlude” I and “Interlude II” were all written together, as a way to release. They all feature a leitmotif that develops over the three parts and the piano, embellished by uneven rhythms, a choir, low strings, and a lot of counterpoint and repetition inspired by the works of Philip Glass and Ludovico Einaudi.

“For Nina” was written as a letter of appreciation towards a dear friend and collaborator of mine, Nina Agathou. She was leaving our hometown of Corfu to study abroad, and I felt the best way to capture my feelings at that moment was by writing her a theme that she could carry with her no matter where she was. It features lush orchestrations that include woodwinds, a full string section and of course, a piano.

“Anása” and “Monaxiá” were also written together. In Greek, they mean “Breath” and “Loneliness” respectively, and I wrote them during a particularly hard time when I was going through depression. It was also New Year’s, so yeah, you can imagine. They mean a lot to me not because of their musicality but because at a time where my head was in a really dark place, composing them allowed me to escape and to be creative for a few hours. A few months later, I came out of it. It felt great.

“For Angelo” is dedicated to one of my best friends. It’s a homage to the soundtracks from The Legend of Zelda games, since they are his favourite. I wrote it to signify the end of what felt like the last summer we spent together as kids – when adulthood hadn’t quite settled in yet but we both knew it would come sooner or later. It’s the highlight of the album for me, and it brings back years worth of memories and good times. I hope you like it as much as I do.

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